Eating New York, Part 1

I’ll say it again though you are probably aware yourself, New York is a food mecca. Filled with an infinite amount of cuisines that makes one’s palate go ga-ga, it’s hard to feel satisfied with your itinerary when you keep bumping into a restaurant you’ve heard of every corner of the street. This is a place where more than one stomach will certainly serve you well. Like most individuals, it was incredibly hard to decide which places to make a detour for and which ones to leave for another time. Behold, some of the highlights of my adventure in the city that never sleeps. 20140328-211244.jpg

After landing in New York, we asked a few locals on which restaurant nearby to try. They led us to Miss Korea BBQ. It was quite late, about 10pm, but we were graciously welcomed and promptly seated. Not long after, we were brought little side dishes (known as banchan) to our table. It was a great, satiating meal consisting of spicy tofu stew, noodles, and seared marinated meat. Kunjip across is apparently also worth checking out.

miss Korea BBQ on Urbanspoon20140328-211317.jpg



This was on my must visit list prior to arriving to New York. It’s a beautiful market, stockpiled with unfamiliar, artisan ingredients, but the house-made dishes we had didn’t wow me over like I wished it did. Fresh it was, but I’ve definitely had better for the price. I would still consider it a location to visit while you’re in the city because it is a foodie’s paradise…

Eataly on Urbanspoon20140328-211345.jpg


20140328-214916.jpgIt exudes whimsicalness the minute you step inside the doors, with the beautiful rustic furniture and chandeliers. Everything is quaint and dainty, almost pulled out from a fairytale. I was let down by the famed kale salad, but the crab toast certainly won my heart. Their feature steelhead was also delicious with the pickled cabbage alongside… Mmm!

ABC Kitchen on Urbanspoon



I intended on ordering the alluring pistachio éclair, but with my luck, the lady in front of me ended up swooping every single eclair there was available. Thus, I settled for the Paris–Brest, which looked also tempting. Couldn’t say I was too impressed since the choux pastry was rather hard. They do also have a cafe inside which includes options like tartines, soups, and sandwiches if you are interested.

Maison Kayser on Urbanspoon



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