Bandidas Taqueria

20130927-214147.jpgOur arrival for dinner at Bandidas was rather early, therefore, we were able to seat ourselves. The space is quite eclectic, possessing lots of knick-knacks and mis-matched items that truly radiate a hipster environment. I loved their usage of mason jars for holding beverages as opposed to the standard cups found in most restaurants; it really pairs well with the atmosphere. The location isn’t big, thus, during peak hours there will be an expected line-up forming. Yet, this charming Mexican eatery is great for those wanting a more inventive take on vegetarian fare. Plus, the brunch menu they offer seems like a splendid option to spend the weekend. 20130927-214153.jpgHorchata ($5) – Simply delicious. Perfect amount of sweetness, with a lovely cinnamon and vanilla fragrance. Very refreshing in contrast to the dishes.20130927-214200.jpgStuffed Mushrooms ($6) – Filled with pureed butternut squash and garlic, these mushrooms were topped with a gooey layer of cheese that made the appetizer smell mouth-watering. Flavour-wise, it wasn’t anything award-winning, but it definitely was delectable and an unfamiliar style on stuffed mushrooms. 20130927-214207.jpg

20130927-214213.jpgMajorie’s Salad ($9.50) – Enjoyed the tanginess of the lime vinaigrette as it cut through the richness from the other ingredients. I wouldn’t order this again though because the nachos seem (and smell!) to be a better option. As well, maybe it was because I found the flavouring of this to be similar to our burrito, I didn’t enjoy this salad later into our meal because of the overconsumption of beans. 20130927-214220.jpgWolf & Goat Baked Burrito ($10.75) – I was actually disappointed in this when I tried it, but maybe that’s because I had really high expectations coming in due to the countless photos I saw of this dish. The cheese topping was of course flavourful and scrumptious, but the components inside seemed lacking in flavour and texture. The burrito also became very soggy and fell apart a few bites in. I would probably opt for another version of this next time or get the enchiladas because this one was rather dull.

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