Slickity Jim’s Chat n’ Chew

Similar in vibe to two other popular local spots, Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe and Jethro’s Fine Grub, Slickity Jim’s was already forming a line-up outside by the time we arrived. This diner has a funky and eclectic interior with the use of bold colours and posters scattered on the walls. Though the space looks tiny, they have an additional back area for more seating so big groups are welcome. 20130518-220652.jpg20130518-220701.jpg

The Breakfast of Broken Dreams is similar to a tradional benedict except it is topped with warm gorgonzola sauce. Since I’m not aware of any other restaurants offering this style, I thought it would be interesting to try since hollandaise sauce is pretty much on every brunch menu. The dishes are presented home-style, but with effort still shown in balancing out the colours on the plate. The toppings were simple but delicious, with the caramelized onions being the highlight of the plate – tender, sweet, and flavourful. The eggs were poached perfectly and the crispy and buttery english muffin provided texture with all the other components. The gorgonzola sauce was an interesting twist and wasn’t overly heavy as I expected it to be. It was definitely a solid brunch choice besides the fact that is was served warm when arrival, rather than hot. 20130518-220706.jpg

The above is the Turkey Meatloaf Benediction that was one of the specials of the day.

Unfortunately, I did not get photos of the other plates but they all had the same diner-esque plating that is perfect for folks who aren’t looking for pretentious cooking. The quirky names, countless choices on the menu, along with the solid execution from the chef makes this a wonderful restaurant to take some friends to. Besides, afterwards you could always hit up the boutiques located on Main street which are filled with beautiful, unique goodies…

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