Dining out is expensive and with the amount of money that has been slowly disappearing from my bank account, I was quite skeptical on continuing my outings. My friend however, had just come back from a trip and gathered a bunch of us for lunch and I reluctantly agreed. I suggested them to meet me at this little cafe located near the Waterfront Station due to the low price points. 20130328-145236.jpg

The space is quite small, thus there isn’t much seating. It seems like a family run restaurant with homestyle desserts displayed on the counter and case. There is a big board that lists what they offer as well as a side chalkboard with the daily specials written on it. They have an extensive menu so even if you are with someone who has a food allergy or are just picky, they should be able to find something that appeals to them. The atmosphere is very cozy like someone’s home, very suitable for casual dates. The service was also really quick too as our food came out less than 15 minutes later.20130328-145244.jpg

I chose to create-your-own omelette with mascarpone cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes. All the omelettes come with a side of fruit and a choice of bread. I think everyone in our group ordered the omelettes because it was inexpensive and we knew it would be filling. This was delicious as the omelette was well-seasoned and had a nice crispy outside. The portion size was as big as something you would expect from a diner. The mascarpone cheese went well as it added creaminess to contrast the other vegetables, sort of like a béchamel sauce. The bread tasted alright, but I didn’t like the drizzle of olive oil on it. The fruit provided a nice contrast in colour to the plate, but it didn’t taste incredibly fresh. I definitely left contented however, with my meal. I did take notice of other diners around me who ordered their specials like pasta and sandwiches and they smelled and looked terrific! I definitely see myself coming back here to try out their other items.

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