Bella Gelateria Handcrafted Gelato

Simply put, Bella Gelateria is the best place to treat yourself on a warm, summery day. Actually, scratch that, make it any day because everyone deserves some good-quality gelato. The owner, James takes great pride in creating his award-winning concoctions and the flavour truly delivers to the consumers; each customer I have seen has come out of the shop with a huge grin on their face. I’ve been coming to downtown quite often during my break, and since it was blazing hot today, I decided to take my friends on a sweet ride at this infamous spot.20130328-145140.jpg

20130328-145153.jpgThis is the Torrincino flavour with honey nougats. The consistency was incredibly smooth and creamy. It had a nice custard base, with tiny specks of nougats (that tasted like wafers) for crunch. Although this is a simple flavour, it is definitely rich and satisfying for one who is in need of a sugar fix. Some of my other favourites I’ve tried are banana bread and hazelnut. With all the flavours he offers, I haven’t found one I’ve been disappointed with as they all have the luscious texture and none of them are ever overly sweet like some from commercialized brands. James’s is passionate for using natural, top-notch ingredients and I admire him for that because it delivers in taste. Yes, I do acknowledge that the price for gelato here is not cheap, but I assure you, you will not be complaining once you take a bite, or a slurp.

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