Fisherman’s Terrace Seafood Restaurant

This restaurant was bustling when I arrived at 11am. My friend had already let them know we were there but we still waited for approximately 15 minutes. There are quite a few dishes to choose from at Fisherman’s Terrace and from what we tried, they were all executed pretty well. The atmosphere is also really noisy, but I personally crave that energy whenever I go have dim sum. As far as having our plates changed frequently, that did not happen unlike at Dragon View. However, there were so many diners that I understand the waitresses having a hard time keeping up as they are already preoccupied with other tasks.

20130317-171431.jpgI enjoyed these but I found them to be quite dense.20130317-171446.jpgThough I am not a big fan of chicken feet, I strongly recommend ordering this (unless you despise cilantro) because it is one of their best-sellers. They were seasoned and marinated well in the flavour, plus very tender and easy to bite into!20130317-171455.jpgA very simple and fresh plate of greens to help balance the taste buds in between other dishes. 20130317-171507.jpgOne of the better sticky rices you can find nowadays as they contain an egg yolk in the filling. 20130317-171513.jpgThese siu mai were literally bite-sized but still managed to maintain great flavour.20130317-171557.jpgThey were alright, but I found the ratio of the bun to the filling a little off. As I’ve previously mentioned, Kirin wins for the best chicken bun in town.20130317-171646.jpgExtremely plump dumplings!20130317-171651.jpgDefinitely my least favourite dish I ordered as the filling was rather strange; the use of crunchy vegetables did not go well with my palate. 20130317-171718.jpg



Fisherman's Terrace Seafood Restaurant 釣魚台海鮮酒家 on Urbanspoon


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