Nelson The Seagull

My friend and I made a stop at this inviting little cafe last week but unfortunately, they were all sold out of their bread. So today, we called in to make sure we did not leave disappointed again. It’s located a few doors from Rainier Provisions and is surrounded by a neighbourhood of wonderful independent eateries. 20130309-191223.jpg



The pricing of their food is relatively inexpensive compared to other brunch places I’ve dined at. The herbivore sandwich, priced at $7.50 is seriously a steal considering the quality of ingredients used. The bread definitely lives up to its hype as the soft, pillowy dough and the crackling from the brittle exterior was seriously a match made in heaven. My favourite out of the two sandwiches was definitely the one with hummus and cucumber; the spread tasted incredibly fresh and the cucumbers were refreshing and gave it a nice crunch. The pesto had a very apparent cilantro taste and smell, and me being one who despises that particular herb, I preferred the other sandwich easily. The vinaigrette on the simple salad was also enjoyable, tasting very similar to the one offered at The Secret Garden Tea Company in Kerrisdale, only a bit thicker in consistency.

Nelson the Seagull on Urbanspoon


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