Don’t Argue! Pizzeria

20140411-215906.jpgAnother casual pizza joint springing with hipsters has nestled itself in none other than Main street, but this particular space has decided to try something different. Pizza by the slice can be ordered here, which can either be terrific or deadly news, depending on the person. It’s a great solution though for those who aren’t in the mood for a big ol’ pie, but still crave the high-quality ingredients that Vancouver’s beloved Neapolitan pizza spots tend to use. Plus, as they open till 11pm on most weekdays, its a convenient fix for a comforting pre-bed time snack. The amply-lit interior with its simple design and jukebox carries the basics, but there are some choices that seem to be sparked by the demands of locals. For example, the use of kale as a topping. One thing to note is that there might be a waiting issue during peak hours as that has been a concern I’ve heard. Yet, as we came before rush hour, our visit was pretty solid. The dough itself chewy and crisp, despite the lack of a fire oven for the usual charring. There was an appropriate amount of ingredients layered on the pizza too, and the flavours left our group satisfied. I can see why it has charmed many people to continue revisiting. What’s not to like about simple house-crafted food? Or just pizza in general…20140411-215913.jpg

Sausage Kale (Large)


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On My Radar

For those interested, there have been quite a few restaurant that have opened up recently. I’ve listed below some of the places that I see myself venturing to in the next couple of months. This is a great opportunity to explore the food scene and trends that are arising in Vancouver with friends! 

Cinara Restaurant

Blacktail Florist

Pazzo Chow

Exile Bistro


Cressey Dinner Party

What a night. The experience of attending #dinnerpartyyvr was surreal, a night I wish that could repeat itself. I was lucky enough to be a guest to dine with MasterChef Canada Top 12 Finalist, Josh Gale at Cressey’s Arbutus Ridge show room. The set-up was splendid, minimalistic but still dainty and elegant. Jasmine, Josh Gale’s girlfriend did a wonderful job setting up the space.

Once we entered, we were greeted with glasses of champagne and some delicious bread, served alongside applewood smoked maple butter and herb oil. At first, I found the flavour combination strange, reminding me of barbecue sauce or the seaweed chips I grew up eating. Yet, after time, I found myself addicted to the taste.

After some mingling, we made our way to our designated spots to kick off the dinner. My guest and I began chatting with those around us, exchanging stories and learning quite a bit about one another. Being the youngest participants, we felt comfortable in the mix, not awkward as we had anticipated. We shared stories and had an incredible time bonding over one thing we knew we had in common – food.

The dinner could not have been better; I fell in love with each dish. The presentation, taste, everything was there. What made it more special was when Josh Gale sat at our table during one of the dishes and began chatting with us about his future plans and answering whatever questions we tossed his way. The personable gesture was such a highlight of my night, though meeting Mijune of Follow Me Foodie was also spectacular… I cannot wait for the next one to come, it is an event that one should certainly attend. It isn’t only to eat great food, but mingle with those in your community. 20140406-222339.jpg


First course – Local Baby beets, thyme and honey yogourt, beet stems, bacon and greens


Second course – Handmade squid ink pasta, octopus, chorizo, tomato and saffron


Third course – Braised short rib, red wine jus, ancho chile, local carrots, polenta


Fourth course – Espresso macarons


The Cressey afterparty


Eating New York, Part 3


Lobster “en brioche”


“Le Bernardin” Salmon Rillette with Toast


Mushroom truffle cappuccino





Barely Cooked Scottish Salmon


Chestnut Cream, Light Chocolate Mousse, Cinnamon Tuile

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“Mini Me”



Frozen S’mores




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Steamed Skate



Maine Lobster Roasted in Shell


Roasted Squash



Warm Valrhona Chocolate Cake

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Eating New York, Part 2


Chicken phở

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grilled filet of black bass, confit tomatoes patate al olio, ligurian olives, basil



seared sea scallops, hen of the woods butternut squash, black truffle



alla carbonara, guanciale, egg, pecorino, scallion



pistachio stracciatella, vanilla and chocolate gelato, chocolate sauce



early grey ganache, salted caramel



pine nut tart, rosemary meringue

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Eating New York, Part 1

I’ll say it again though you are probably aware yourself, New York is a food mecca. Filled with an infinite amount of cuisines that makes one’s palate go ga-ga, it’s hard to feel satisfied with your itinerary when you keep bumping into a restaurant you’ve heard of every corner of the street. This is a place where more than one stomach will certainly serve you well. Like most individuals, it was incredibly hard to decide which places to make a detour for and which ones to leave for another time. Behold, some of the highlights of my adventure in the city that never sleeps. 20140328-211244.jpg

After landing in New York, we asked a few locals on which restaurant nearby to try. They led us to Miss Korea BBQ. It was quite late, about 10pm, but we were graciously welcomed and promptly seated. Not long after, we were brought little side dishes (known as banchan) to our table. It was a great, satiating meal consisting of spicy tofu stew, noodles, and seared marinated meat. Kunjip across is apparently also worth checking out.

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This was on my must visit list prior to arriving to New York. It’s a beautiful market, stockpiled with unfamiliar, artisan ingredients, but the house-made dishes we had didn’t wow me over like I wished it did. Fresh it was, but I’ve definitely had better for the price. I would still consider it a location to visit while you’re in the city because it is a foodie’s paradise…

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20140328-214916.jpgIt exudes whimsicalness the minute you step inside the doors, with the beautiful rustic furniture and chandeliers. Everything is quaint and dainty, almost pulled out from a fairytale. I was let down by the famed kale salad, but the crab toast certainly won my heart. Their feature steelhead was also delicious with the pickled cabbage alongside… Mmm!

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I intended on ordering the alluring pistachio éclair, but with my luck, the lady in front of me ended up swooping every single eclair there was available. Thus, I settled for the Paris–Brest, which looked also tempting. Couldn’t say I was too impressed since the choux pastry was rather hard. They do also have a cafe inside which includes options like tartines, soups, and sandwiches if you are interested.

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